In World of Warcraft, players use heroes and fighting gods, monsters, dragons, etc. to form World of Warcraft. At the beginning of the game's release, the Scarlet Brotherhood had already appeared and now uses a new strategy: fake news.

Players have fought the Scarlet threat in one form or another for an overrun a decade. At the launch, these crusaders were a no secular military unit dedicated to Buy WOW Classic Gold killing all of the undead in their kingdom. The matter is that these undead had been free of the evil Lich King who raised them as a military and are now sentient beings who just wanted to be left alone. This situation implies that the Scarlet Crusade is undergoing genocide, and you must indicate and try to prevent it from happening. Thanks to the Scarlet Crusade, and general human fear of undeath, Sylvans and her undead Forsaken ended up joining the opposite in-game faction, the Horde.

After the Crusades, they returned to the Wrath of the Lich King, and then they could defeat them completely. They don’t have a military or a lot of land. In fact, they need none of the items that typically make a World of Warcraft villain, a villain, like powerful corrupted artifacts or an enormous castle stuffed with intimidating lackeys.

However, I’ve never been more afraid of them, because they’ve found a brand-new strategy: spreading fake news and conspiracies within the type of four in-worlds readable propaganda pamphlets, stuffed with lines like these:

“You have heard stories that the so-called‘Forsaken were killed by the Banshee. FALSE. There was no massacre. But Anduin wants you to believe there was.”
It’s also an honest reminder that NPCs in Azeroth only get a narrow sliver of the truth; they aren’t queueing up for raids and getting all the cutscenes. As players, especially if we read all of the books and watch all of the cutscenes, we've got a reasonably good idea of what’s happening within the world, and it doesn’t match the newest propaganda.

For instance, I spent $10 to read Before the Storm, a pre-Battle for Azeroth official novel. Within the book, the sort Alliance King Anduin tries to line up a reunion for living members of the family from the south and their undead relatives within the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. Things get it wrong when Calia Menethil, the rightful heir to Lordaeron, tries to assist some Forsaken defect to the Alliance. Sylvanas kills everyone she will in response, and Calia is raised into Light-based undeath by priests.
We know that Anduin didn’t want anyone to die — of course, the boy is so good that each time he is concerned doing something bad, his magically healed bones hurt.

However, in today's story, the Scarlet Brotherhood played an important role, and all of this has been revealed by the Scarlet Brotherhood. They’re telling everyone that Anduin is secretly gaga with Sylvanas and is pro-undead. The sole solution, the Brotherhood thinks, is to drag a coup and put the racist werewolf Genn Greymane on the throne. Then, the Alliance are going to be all the way down to kill all undead, and therefore the Scarlet Brotherhood can pull a coup part two: electric boogaloo.

The Scarlet Brothers said that it is very interesting to have children of their own child Calia Menethil. We all know from Before the Storm that Calia did, indeed, have a son that she later lost and doesn't know the Vanilla WOW Gold fate of. Lordaeron’s King of Technology is highly likely to be owned by the Scarlet Brotherhood.

This is a desirable conflict and one that breaks the mold for World of Warcraft antagonists. We’ve seen scheming or secretive characters during this setting before, but ultimately, they always find yourself being thwarted as we storm their headquarters or fight their armies. This is often a campaign that we can’t stop with sheer martial might, which may be a modern tackle undead queen and cursed werewolves.

Finally, I sincerely wish World of Warcraft to develop better and better, and I hope Blizzard can bring more new content to players, so that players can have a happy time in World of Warcraft.