For a period of time, affected by the high copper price and the soaring cost of other raw materials, the production cost of many manufacturers of upstream components of electrical appliances such as motors has been greatly challenged. For manufacturers using Aluminum Magnet Wire, the bearing capacity of the comprehensive cost has reached the limit, which undoubtedly accelerated the replacement of aluminum magnet wire, thus further developing aluminum magnet wire.

On the issue of aluminum-substituted copper, some manufacturers believe that aluminum-substituted copper is a backward technology. In fact, aluminum magnet wires have been used in some countries in Europe, America and Asia, represented by South Korea. In the 1990s, aluminum magnet wires were widely used in many fields in Europe and the United States, and China also used aluminum wires or aluminum magnet wires in large quantities in wire and cable, power transformer, motor and other fields during the difficult period of copper resource exploration in the 1970s. From this perspective, there is no problem in using aluminum magnet wire in some products, but with the continuous excavation of copper resources in previous decades and the small difference in copper and aluminum prices at that time, copper wires or copper magnet wires were developed and widely used.

Moreover, international standards bodies such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have also formulated corresponding technical standards for aluminum magnet wire (IEC60317-0-3, IEC60317-25, NEMA-1000, etc.), indicating that the use of aluminum magnet wires is technically mature.

However, there are differences between aluminum magnet wire and copper magnet wire in manufacturing, especially in welding, which perplexes many manufacturers and restricts the wide development and application of aluminum magnet wire. However, through unremitting efforts, the problem has been solved accordingly. According to the different products, the solution is also different, some manufacturers use crimping riveting, some use flux welding, some use argon arc welding.

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