When we start learning a new language, we first memorize the alphabet, then we learn the translation and transcription of words, then we start putting together sentences, and then, after weeks of practice, we start speaking the language.

And if learning a foreign language will bring us a chance to communicate with people, then learning a bookmaker's language, with the right approach, will bring us money.

The history of gambling goes back to antiquity. Although there is no mention of gambling in chronicles, there are legends, tales, conjectures and versions. There is no clear chronology of cards and roulette appearance.

During the excavations of the ancient sites archaeologists find objects that could be used for games. There are suggestions that these objects originally had a magical, sacred meaning, and as the centuries progressed, they became a means of exciting pastime. Egyptian tombs preserved to this day the image of a man playing dice. In ancient Tibet, gambling diagrams were drawn on the roofs of temples. Symbolic representations of the game can also be found on the seats of monks in medieval English churches. The Greeks have a myth of Zeus and Aphrodite tossing dice to determine a hero's fate, and Homer's Iliad describes the Olympian gods playing a lottery to determine the winner of a battle.

The Alphabet

The earliest forerunners of bookmakers were totes from the Roman Empire, then they spread to England, so their language also has foreign roots, some words have been translated into Russian, and some of them have managed to avoid import substitution. In this article we will look at the Russian version of the language of professional sporers.

Classification of words

There are two approaches to learning any language: the first is gradually memorizing words in alphabetical order, the second is memorizing terms by meaning groups.

A study conducted by British scientists showed that the second method is more correct. By the way, this was one of the most useful studies of British scientists, not counting, of course, the incredible discovery they made in 2003: the minds found that at least 9 out of 10 ladybugs in London suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.

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Entering the world of gambling today is not that difficult, there are many online casinos or betting on sports. If you dare, we wish you good luck!