Spontaneous players are those for whom the game has become a way of life. Such players are not aware of their dependence on the game, although in reality it completely captivates them and "leads" them through life. 

 Losing is a "backwards sign" for them, i.e. it makes them want to play more to "get what they want", i.e. to win.

Such players are characterized by a fantasy, unrealistic, mythologized idea of the essence of the game. They ignore the essence of the game, and see only their goal (winning), and their decision-making is dominated by the emotional factor.

And winning for them is the "American dream" of instant enrichment, so that "then do not work all your life. It can be assumed that the desire for "free" enrichment captures them, they become uncritical, all resources of life are directed to the achievement of once realized goal. 

It is very important that such people are attracted by:

 (1) someone else's example (they become convinced that winning is possible, envy arises, stemming from the absence of their own achievements, which could be objectively envied; they see in the game a real - and often the last and only - chance); 

(2) a personal motive of "revenge" on society as a whole, on a failed life.  Their strategy is to be "smarter than everyone else" and to beat the gamblers. Particular attention is drawn to this fact: not to "catch luck by the tail", not to test their "luck", but it is purposefully able to "punish". 

Their tactics: having "secret knowledge" (personal knowledge, mixed with their subjective perception), based mainly on their simple desire to win, rather than on an objective analysis of the game itself, play "according to the system" and beat the organizers of gambling, "punish" them for winning.

 Their motives: to one day enter this life on a white horse. Such a player can think outside the box. Such players take risks and usually gamble in the jungle raja