my country’s full-automatic biscuit processing equipment industry started in the early 1980s. Since its inception, there are nearly 7,000 food and Siomai Making Machine production companies across the country. Fully-automatic biscuit processing equipment has become the top ten occupations in my country’s machinery industry. Since entering the new century, my country's food industry has grown at an average rate of over 20% for 10 consecutive years.


In recent years, with the rapid development of society, the prosperity of the commodity economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the continuous increase in purchasing power has directly driven the demand for related food machinery and provided valuable development opportunities for the food machinery industry. With broad market prospects, sales are gradually showing a steady growth trend.


In recent years, efforts have been intensified to strengthen food machinery. With the acceleration of people’s daily work, the richness of nutrient health food and the increase in environmental protection awareness, the future development of my country’s food machinery is still in the hands of many companies and is supported by the government’s favorable policies. As long as the enterprise adheres to the above-mentioned direction and takes a long-term development path, it is believed that in the near future.


   We can see the new highlights of China's food machinery! It is understood that food machinery sellers who are accustomed to the needs of shopping malls are active in the image of a large number of disjointed products and low skill content, and are developing in the direction of multi-functionality and intelligence. Many owners said that modern consumers seek the richness of food tastes, and food production tends to be multi-variety and small-batch. Correspondingly, the Energy Ball Making Machine, which is diversified and has multiple switching functions, can get used to the development needs of shopping malls if it can be used to multiple mold replacements.