01. Concrete Repair using Polymer Modified Mortar  

The strength of concrete is not diminished by spalling. Concrete can be repaired using ordinary cement mortar as long as it's not affected. Concrete is difficult for cement mortar to adhere to. The concrete can be repaired using prepared mortar (polymer-modified mortars). Epoxy resin mortar is employed to restore concrete that is not as strong.

 02. As well as Cement/Epoxy injection, both are used.  

It is possible to utilize the epoxy grout, or cement grout for grouting under pressure. Concrete grout can also be referred to by the name cement grout. It is utilized to fill concrete in small cracks and honeycomb cracks. First, loose a concrete pumping Cracks or cracks that are narrow should be removed of honeycomb  

 03. Gravity grouting  

Static heads can be used in order to repair large fractures with gravity grouting. The static head creates moderate pressure. It's less expensive than grouting using pressure. Gravity grouting does have its own limitations. Gravity grouting is a method to fill in cracks and cause damage to concrete in other ways.

04. Sealers and coatings     

Concrete is high-quality. However, damage caused by chemical substances to concrete is more likely to be caused by environmental factors. Concrete that's in poor condition may have its surface coated. The coating protects concrete and functions as an oil.  

There are a range of pumps for concrete.     

 Mobile Pumps       The concrete is moved through separate pipelines once the pump has been set on an trailer. The extension boom connects to the pipe in order to ensure exact placement.  

Stationary Pumps    

It is possible to place stationary or static pumps on the bed of a truck. They do not have boom positioning capabilities, therefore workers will require separate pipes for putting concrete where they want it. They are simple to transport and are employed for work that is quick.  

Static Pumps for Trucks, mounted on the truck     

The machine comes with an concrete mixer as well as pumps. Mobile and stationary pumps can be equipped with large concrete hoppers.   Concrete truck mix Pump concrete pumping     

 The concrete mixer is available in this machine, along with an pump. Concrete hoppers big enough to support both mobile and static pumps will be provided.