“ Monsters do not sleep under your bed.

They sleep inside your mind.”


Gamers form quite the community. Stronger in comparison to the other social communities. A tale of two gamers meeting online as online gaming partners, and falling in love is quite common in this ‘gaming era’.


Among this plethora of gaming communities, Roblox has evolved as one of the best ‘community-rich’ platforms. It allows customized gaming creations along with a wide range of games sectioned into different genres. With an additional inclusion of shooters and some crazy role-playing, it is quite the catch.


However, in this article, we will be talking about the scariest games on Roblox, that you can play with your friends. Keep scrolling to find out for yourself.

What Are The Scary Games To Play With Friends, On Roblox

Roblox does have some scary games that will leave you shivering in a cold sweat, even on a humid May morning. In case you’re wondering, what are the scary games to play with friends, on Roblox? You’re in for some real fun.


Here’s presenting the scariest of the lot:


Disclaimer: Play at your own risk!

Alone In A Dark House

This game deserves to be on the top, when talking about scary games. This is an exploration-based horror game. ‘Alone in a dark house’ amalgamates the elements of the story with the walking mechanics and a lot of scary stuff.


The plot of the game is set in the month of August 1996. You get to play the character of a private investigator who travels across a small town. As an investigator, your element of focus is the brutal vehicle murder. This journey will guide you to a huge house filled with secrets.


This not-so-empty house contains much more than just furniture. A secret passageway crowded with dark secrets, is waiting for you, only you! 

Dead Silence

Second in line, scariest among the Roblox games. Dead Silence sets you on a creepy and breathtaking venture. It is based on a  horror film with having similar name ‘Dead Silence. Yet again you get to play the role of an investigator.


Your job is to investigate the sudden disappearance of a lady named, Mary Shaw. She lives by the title of the ‘murdered ventriloquist who haunts the local town’.


Every corner will bombard you with surprise, garnished with eerie creaking sounds  & whispered hushes. I can guarantee you, you will not be able to switch your lights off at night. 


Third, in the list, this horror game has urban legends in it. Geisha will perfectly cater to your adventurous self. It is based on an urban legend named, ‘Teke-Take’; this game does take you back to your childhood days.


However, you will never feel lonely here. You are under constant surveillance. However, it is only visible from the corner of your eye. But the second you turn around, poof, it goes.


This intensely scary Roblox game has got enthusiastic players, who are ready to discover the eerily silent house. They are in search of clues. Won’t you help them?

The Maze 

Fourth on the list, is the game The Maze. A fair warning, you might just feel claustrophobic while at it. Although, the interesting part is that the whole point of the game is to make you feel claustrophobic.


The plot and setting of the games does complete justice to the name of the game. It locks you in an underground maze. And your task is to find your way out of that maze. You have got nothing but flashlights with limited battery & a camera.


You can include a maximum of 12 players in the game.  This never-ending puzzle containing scary creatures of unknown origins will surely haunt you.


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Zombie Attack

Fifth in the list, Zombie Attack is a wave-based zombie shooting game. You can form a team with your friends and play. As part of the surviving committee, you have to fight your way out.


As you go forward with the game, you get access to weapons & lethal combat to fight the zombies. However, progression unlocks the rare zombies & if you manage to kill the big Zombie boss, it earns you more rewards.


The Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall 

Who’s the scariest of them all.”


Sixth in the list, The  Mirrors is based on an exact phenomenon that takes place in an underground place that is full of mirrors. As a diligent player of the game, you have to navigate through the place.


What is interesting is that you get to discover a wide variety of mirrors. However, mirrors tend to hide much more than, just the reflection. The Mirror is the star of the Roblox horror game. 


This game is a rollercoaster, not of emotions, though. It is full of jumps cares at every possible turn, accompanied with creepy scares. While you can enjoy playing this game with your tribe but going solo has its own charm when playing a game, this scary!


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I hope you’ve been able to revive from the spine-chilling experience that, these aforementioned games had put you through. I sincerely hope that you’ve had ‘fun’ too. lol


However, if you’ve got some other options that would perfectly fit in this genre. Feel free to connect with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear back from you.

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