Polyether modified silicone oil    is a kind of organosilicon non-ionic surfactant with unique properties formed by graft copolymerization of polyether and hydrogen-containing polydimethylsiloxane. Various polyether modified silicone oils with different properties can be obtained by changing the ratio of polyether Eo to Po and the number of chain links and terminal groups to meet the needs of various industries. Polyether-modified silicone oil has a hydrophobic group and a hydrophilic group in the molecular structure, so it has the characteristics of a surfactant. Compared with traditional surfactants, silicone surfactants have the following characteristics:
1. Low surface tension.
2. Good softness and antistatic properties.
3. Good viscosity reduction and leveling, suitable for adding in a variety of resins (polyurethane resin, paint resin, plastic resin, etc.), which can improve the intermolecular stress of these resins and overcome these resins themselves To gain new performance.
4. Good lubricity, suitable for making high-grade cutting fluid.
5. Good demulsification, suitable for oil-water separation in some specific occasions.
Uses: polyurethane foam stabilizer; cosmetic raw materials; used as defoaming agent; coating additive; pesticide spreading agent; fabric finishing agent because this product is a series of products,


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