Weather Week is now taking place, concentrating on Pokemon which may have its theme around the Weather. One of the biggest addendums to come from the big celebration is the exclusive Shiny Rain Castform, which may be the first time this kind has have you ever been Shiny in almost any Pokemon game.

Players would want to capture this exclusive Shiny Pokemon prior to the event involves a close. Although, there is certainly another reward looking forward to players to seek out in the sort of Rayquaza, which will probably be appearing in Raid Battles all over again. This guide can have players how to find a Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Rayquaza is really a part of the game for an extended time but since Raid Battles would be the only way to have it, it is impossible for players to get their own. During Weather Week, Rayquaza will start appearing in raids again beginning with March 27 from 10:00 a.m. to March 28, at 8:00 p.m local time. This leaves players under 2 days to try to capture the Shiny type of this Pokemon. Here are a few ways players will get ready to search for Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Go.

Before this happens, be sure to prepare Remote Raid Passes. When you get a raid, join it, and delay until at least 4 other players join. The trick here's that players won't determine if it's a Shiny until they attain the capture phase. If you still don't get Shiny Rayquaza after trying many times, then I suggest you Buy Shiny Pokemon to get it. If a lobby is full, then at the very least 1 player is bound to run into a Shiny Rayquaza. Just always participate in Rayquaza raids before Shiny appears.

Shiny Rayquaza is probably the best-looking Shiny Pokemon around. It's also incredibly powerful and easily looks beneficial to your collection. Good luck out there with all the Shiny Hunting.