World of Warcraft Classic surprised every player. Thousands of complete servers, and dozens of new servers created by Blizzard have always been the top of Twitch, players have discussed this vigorously, which is enough to prove that the World of Warcraft classic has been successful so far.The nearly 16-year-old MMORPG still has the gameplay to hook gamers of all ages.

However, as is true with every MMORPG that becomes popular, there'll always be a bunch of players that, in clear violation of the game's terms of service, sell for profit in-game resources to players desperately seeking an unfair advantage.

One of the foremost popular gold selling sites (that won't be listed here to discourage use) is currently listing the value for 1 piece of in-game gold as roughly $1.12 USD. the price of gold varies per server and a few sellers try to undercut the market by selling their smaller amounts of gold for slightly cheaper, but the typical remains about 1.12 USD.Although Blizzard prohibits the purchase of gold, it is still widespread. It is recommended that players buy WOW Classic Gold in a regular store and buy gold in a MMOWTS store. You don’t have to worry about your account being banned. The store has a safe and reliable trading system, so you can rest assured.

On a number of the foremost popular servers, in-game gold is even dearer. On the classic server Fairbanks, some sellers are posting prices as high as $1.87 USD for 1 piece of in-game gold. it's a market defined by fast delivery and maximum purchase limit. Simply put, the more quick gold you'll be able to sell, the dearer you'll be able to sell it for.

You can even by gold for the most recent retail version of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. However, that ratio is way different -- retail gold costs around $0.00015134 USD for 1 piece of in-game gold. On some retail servers, the value is even lower -- $0.000072 USD for 1 piece of in-game gold. This drastic difference in price is probably going because of how difficult it's to achieve gold in WoW: Classic and the way popular the sport is currently.While many players might justify the acquisition of in-game gold, the Cheap WOW Classic Gold reality is, much of the gold being sold is procured maliciously.

Gold sellers are notorious for hacking accounts or using key-loggers to steal the passwords of the very folks that purchase their product, eventually logging into their account, liquifying absolutely everything important, and selling the gold gained. In some cases, they even sell the account they hacked to a willing buyer who wants a high-level character without having to earn it themselves.

This will completely destroy the Classic WOW Gold classic spirit of World of Warcraft. If Blizzard finds illegal gold transactions, the player's account will be banned indefinitely. Then players risking their accounts being banned to buy gold may lose the gains.