The Mochi Ice Cream Machine production line is a biscuit production line that continuously prints biscuit. Can produce high, medium, low-grade and ultra-thin biscuits. This machine integrates two types of biscuit machines, roll-cutting type and roll-printing type, and combined with baking oven, cooling, turning machine, fuel injection machine, cake sorting machine and other equipment to form an advanced biscuit production line.

1. Feeding machine: This machine is to make preliminary leather processing of dough.

2. Three rollers will further calender the dough until the thickness of the dough required by the product. Here, the speed of each roller and the rolling of the thickness of the skin require stepless speed regulation.

3. Buffer conveyor for dough: avoid the tightness of dough and shrinking of biscuits.

4. Roll-cutting and forming machine: make the dough into the first blank of the biscuit, which can adopt double-roll forming or single-roll forming

5. Take-out conveyor: separate the formed cake from the excess dough.

6. Back conveyor: send the excess dough back to the dough hopper at the upper end of the three-roller feeder.

7. Rolling printing machine of Cookies Making Machine manufacturers: a biscuit forming machine for making crisp biscuits.