Top Hammer Drilling Tools are subject to great strain stress during rock drilling, and it requires careful operation and use to get the most benefit. Button bit products should reduce the propulsion and impact energy during use, and use a lot of flushing water. Otherwise, the waterless opening will increase the temperature of the drill bit. Once the flushing water is turned on, the alloy of the drill bit will have microcracks. Abnormal failures will occur, and dry drilling will cause the risk of sticking and block the water holes of the drill bit. When using drill products, you should observe the use of the drill in time, especially for hard rocks. After a period of use, it is necessary to determine whether the product needs to be ground. This method can be judged according to the following conditions of the drilling tool:
1. The rock drilling equipment is stable, and the rock drilling speed is greatly reduced by 30%.
2. A worn platform appears on the button bit, and the platform diameter has reached 1/3-1/2 of the tooth diameter.
3. "Snakeskin" or cracks appear in DTH Drill Pipe.