Acrylic fish tanks often appear in homes or offices, but for ourselves, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of acrylic fish tanks, otherwise, there will be some dust or damage. Here are the following ways to maintain acrylic fish tanks:

Clean acrylic fish tank: The acrylic fish tank is placed in the home or office to absorb dust, outdoor recreation area, etc. For general dust-proof treatment, we can use clean water or feathers to paint the surface of the acrylic fish tank to clean; if grease, water and other surface stains are difficult to clean, you can use detergent or soap and water to clean and wipe clean and use a soft cotton cloth to remove oil stains. Stains.

Acrylic fish tank waxing: Used as a decorative acrylic fish tank container in the home or office environment, its outer surface is bright and clean. You can apply liquid polishing wax to the surface of the fish tank and wipe it with a sponge. Finally, rinse with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Adhesive acrylic fish tank: Acrylic fish tank products are made in the process of making acrylic fish tanks. We sometimes cause accidental damage to the acrylic fish tank due to the analysis of human influence factors. You can use adhesive glue (dichloromethane bonding) Agent), adhesive or quick-drying agent, etc.

Acrylic fish tank polishing: Acrylic box, if the surface is scratched or the worn surface is not serious, you can choose to try to install the liquid polishing wax on the cloth wheel of the car waxer plus a proper amount, and the uniform surface finishing treatment groove acrylic can eliminate slight abrasion and scratching. mark.

The above are some of the maintenance methods for acrylic fish tanks. Only when these are done, can dust or damage be avoided and the service life of acrylic fish tanks can be extended.

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