In today’s generation, the demand for realtors and real estate agencies is increasing but the varying demands of customers are not yet satisfied.

In fact, many real estate agents still rely on old-fashioned methods like using notebooks, WhatsApp, and Excel to keep track of their clients and properties. Unfortunately, this often results in them losing valuable high-paying customers because they can’t manage properties effectively.

In this blog we will cover what is real estate inventory. why it is important? what will happen if you continue using old traditional inventory management methods? Actuall problems real estate brokers face without real estate inventory management software, and how brokerjee will help real estate brokers

Let’s dive in

What is inventory in Real estate?

Inventory in real estate is the number of unsold properties that are available for purchase or rent.

Effective real estate inventory management is crucial because today’s customers have specific demands when it comes to buying a property.

They might be looking for features like a Vaastu-compliant design, a park-facing view, or a property with a view of the sea.

To meet these demands, real estate agents need to have well-organized property listings so that they can cater to their customers effectively and help them find what they’re looking for.

What is real estate inventory management

Real estate inventory management is the process of tracking and managing the properties that a real estate business has available for sale or rent. This includes tasks such as:

  • Tracking the location, status, and availability of properties
  • Managing listings and marketing materials
  • Scheduling showings and open houses
  • Tracking leads and offers
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Closing deals

Real estate inventory management is important because it helps real estate businesses to be more efficient and effective.

By having a good understanding of their inventory, real estate businesses can better serve their clients and close more deals.

What are the real challenges faced by real estate agents through traditional inventory management?

On an average Brokers in Gurgaon lose 5–6 potential clients every month resulting in loss of minimum of ₹8 to 10 lakh+ of revenue

The reason is very simple outdated & Poor Property Inventory Management System

Here are some key issues

  • Loss of Information in the Traditional Way of Saving Data in Notebooks

The traditional way of saving data in notebooks has several disadvantages. First, notebooks have limited capacity, so they have to be changed oftenly, and it results in loosing the information saved in previous notebooks.

Second, it’s difficult to carry all the notebooks with you everywhere, hence you are left with no data access whether you’re at home or on the go.

Third, with clients’ ever-changing needs, it is near impossible to instantly find specific property to match their desired taste, requirement and budget in different notebooks.

  • Inefficient way of data handling in Excel sheets or Google sheets

The traditional way of using Excel and Google Spreadsheets also has many disadvantages.

First, there is a risk of human error, leading to inconsistencies or inaccuracies in property listings data.

Second, storing data in Excel is not convenient if your laptop is lost or you accidentally delete the file, or data entry then all the data is gone forever.

Third, Google spread sheets are prone to error and are NOT secure at all, leading to loss of privacy. There are chances of cheating by dishonest employees and it’s even difficult for mobile access.

Excel sheets and Google Spread sheets are not convenient to use when you have lots of categories, huge data with multiple features

  • Incomplete information with Brokers

Brokers often don’t have important integrated details of a property at one place, such as digital maps or layout plans, owner information, owner interaction record, dealer’s quotations, etc.

These details are needed badly to successfully close property deals, as without it is difficult for brokers to show the right property.

Less or no information can make it difficult for brokers to match the client’s desired requirement, thereby resulting in loss of revenue as well as facing embarrassment.

In short, brokers need to have all the relevant information about a property at their fingertips in order to be successful. This can be difficult to achieve with traditional methods of data management, such as notebooks and spreadsheets.

How does Brokerjee help you to manage your inventory well?

Brokerjee helps you to over come all the bottel necks weather it’s managing your inventory or your team

Let’s dive in and know how Brokerjee helps you to manage your inventory well

Integrated Details a Particular Property “at one place”:

Manage your real estate with all the properties at one place

Access and view all the information about a particular property at one place.

From map records to owner’s details, owner’s interaction record and dealer’s various quotes, find everything integrated with Brokerjee at a single click.

Here you get to add and access all different types of property segments like plots, apartments, society flats, builder floors or even commercial, industrial and institutional property.

Maps & Layout Plans

Maps and Layout plans

Brokerjee allows you to use and share digital maps of different HUDA sectors and Private Colonizers where you can visually pinpoint where a particular plot is situated.

This can be helpful in making informed decision based on it’s location. In case of Apartments, we have also provided layout plans which are rare to find.

Favourite Property:

We’ve added a feature to Brokerjee that allows you to add a property to your “Favorites” list.

Now, you can mark your important leads as Favourite, enabling for you to remember easily.

With just one click on the “Favorite” button, you can quickly refresh your memory and never lose track of your valuable clients and leads.

Easy Search Options:

With Brokerjee, finding properties is very easy. Our user-friendly search tool lets you go through the listings in seconds.

You can customize your search based on what your clients’ liking and preferences.

Plus, you can manage leads separately for property owners and dealers, ensuring them a search experience that caters to all your clients’ needs.

Admin and User Powers

In Brokerjee, you are Admin and Admin is the ultimate authority. You have the power to create multiple users, suspend and terminate them as and when required.

Every user can post and manage his own entry. Other user can’t edit or delete his entry, ensuring a well-structured and secure user management system.

Versatile for Buying/Selling and Rentals:

Buy and Sell properties

Brokerjee is a versatile tool made for real estate people. It covers not only buying and selling of property but rentals as well by not forgetting that rental is also a big industry.

With features tailored to both sides of real estate, it helps businesses to provide top-notch services.

Efficient Staff Management:

Our software simplifies staff management. You can monitor their progress by setting targets for tele-calling.

You can fix their target and help them focus their efforts by working on only those properties matching specific requirement.

WhatsApp Feature — Instant Sharing, Updates and Notifications:

WhatsApp Feature — Instant Sharing, Updates and Notifications

Brokerjee helps you connect with your clients via WhatsApp. You can share Sector maps and layout plans of the property to help them to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Additionally, you will also receive updates about new features of tool directly over WhatsApp.

Price Comparison — Property Price Analysis:

Price Comparison — Property Price Analysis:

With Brokerjee, you can easily compare property prices and follow their trends over time. This will help Brokers and their clients make smart decisions when buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

Mobile/User Friendly — Access Anytime, Anywhere:

Brokerjee is designed to be mobile and user-friendly. This means you can access the platform from anywhere and at any time using your mobile device or computer. This allows you to manage your real estate tasks on the go, so that you never miss out any important opportunity.

Data Privacy and Backup Facility:

Get all your data secured with our property management software

Brokerjee prioritizes your data privacy. We keep sensitive information secure and offer a strong backup system to safeguard your property data.
In case of unexpected technical issue, your complete data and all information remains safe. Brokerjee’s security is backed by CYBEROPS for added protection.


In conclusion managing properties with Brokerjee is far more easier than using traditional inventory management methods

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