Although the skills that a character can use will determine by their attributes, they cannot get these skills through upgrades. Instead, drop them as gems, and as long as they equipped you with them, you can plug them into the device to get usable functions. The equipment parts will have slots of various colors, and as long as the characters meet the statistical requirements, they can place gems of the color in the matching slots and POE Currency.

Regular use of skills can improve skills, but this is not the only way to enhance skills. Certain sockets of certain devices are connected. Here, support gems can place in linked slots to change their additional skills to enhance or change their attributes in useful ways. Each class will benefit from the continuous provision of upgraded equipment, including skills to ensure that the slots in the new equipment support character selection.

The character flask in the lower left corner of the screen is their consumable, which can restore life, magic or both. However, unlike the potions in many games, the bottles not used up after activation. Instead, they remain on the character’s list and can be recharged by returning to town or killing enemies. Players can equip up to 5 flasks, and they will restore their health or mana at the beginning of the game, and flasks with other POE Orbs will soon begin to appear.

They geared flasks like all other equipment, and they need to upgrade to keep up with the ever-increasing enemies. There are even flasks that apply a special polishing effect for a limited time, rather than a recovery effect. These flasks will help improve the effectiveness and fight against difficult enemies or bosses, so they can be important equipment for subsequent challenges. Players can also use these items and buy some POE Currency to help them clear most of the threats that may appear along the way.