What is the performance of a dog to defecate? reusable pet pads can be prepared for puppies. The performance of a dog to defecate is that the dog will smell everywhere on the ground, or go around in circles. This shows that the dog is looking for a site and is going to the toilet. Training your dog to urinate and defecate should start from an early age and let the dog develop good habits. If you can't take your dog out in time, you can prepare diapers for your dog.

   The performance of a dog to defecate

   If you find a dog smelling everywhere on the ground, please be highly vigilant, which means that the dog is looking for a site to go to the toilet. Generally, dogs will excrete 30 minutes after eating, or about 15 minutes after drinking water. The owner can pay special attention at this time.

  Training since childhood

   The headache for the owner is to train the dog to urinate. The puppies are not sensible to urinate and urinate, and the owner must follow the dog’s buttocks to wipe the poop. Dogs can still accept it when they are young. Waiting for dogs to grow up, especially large dogs, is really unbearable for the owner. Therefore, it is a good habit to train dogs to urinate and defecate from an early age.

  Can prepare diapers

   Adult underpads suppliers pet diapers, if you cannot guarantee 3-4 hours, take your dog out once. When the dog is less than 6 months old, do not force the dog to perform well. Its small head cannot control its body in many cases. It is a good choice to prepare newspapers or diapers for it at home.