Advantages of air tools:

⒈The air is easy to obtain, and the working pressure is low, the used air can be discharged on the spot, no need to recycle the pipeline

⒉The gas has low viscosity and low flow resistance loss, which is convenient for centralized gas supply and long-distance transportation

⒊High movement speed of pneumatic actuator

⒋Pneumatic system has strong adaptability to the environment, can work reliably in a wide temperature range, humid and dusty environment, a little leakage will not pollute the environment, no fire and explosion hazard, safe use

⒌Simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost

⒍Long life of pneumatic components

⒎The execution output of pneumatic components is smaller than hydraulic pressure, faster movement, strong adaptability, can work in flammable, explosive, dusty, humid, and impact harsh environments without polluting the environment, long working life, simple structure, and convenient Maintenance and low price.

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