Eicher 551 has 49 horsepower. Its powerful specifications include a 3300 CC engine, 8 forward + 2 reverse gearbox, 41.7 horsepower PTO, and more. In India, the price of an Eicher 551 starts at Rs. 6.70 to 7.00 Lakh* in 2024. This tractor has a very fashionable and distinctive design that will make your farm look even more beautiful. It has a chic decal design and fashionable headlamps.

The Oil Immersed Brakes System on this tractor helps to avoid accidents by allowing the tractor to apply sudden brakes without causing shocks. It's manual/power steering offers more comfort and easy, accurate control. This therefore makes it possible to work in the field without experiencing any discomfort for extended periods. With a 55-lit fuel tank capacity, the Eicher 551 allows for quick fieldwork completion. For tractors, its dry-type air filter ensures a clean and effective airflow.