The increase of corn prices has to extent anxiously damaged pig farmers. Since the increase in corn has been established, it is reasonable to consider how to reduce the cost of breeding to the greatest extent from the source. It is recommended that farmers purchase feed pellet machine to process the feed by themselves. First, it can save time and effort, and avoid the trouble of long-distance transportation. Second, considering the high temperature in summer, using pellet feed can avoid the trouble of moldy and deterioration of powder and difficult storage.

Under normal circumstances, the feed pellet mill is a feed processing machine that presses the crushed materials of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, etc. into pellets. It is now widely used in large, medium and small livestock farms, breeding farms, grain and feed processing plants, individual farmers, etc.

Why pellet feed can reduce cost of pig farming ?

1.Pellet feed has strong palatability, which is loved by livestock, poultry and livestock, and reduces waste. Especially pellets made by crushing straw-like forage crops have strong "grass fragrance", and the fattening effect of cattle and sheep is obvious, and the feeding practice is also It has been proved that the high hardness of feed pellets, smooth surface and internal maturation can improve the digestion and absorption of feed nutrients.

2.The pellet feed has a long storage time and is not easy to mold and deteriorate. This advantage is due to the pelleting process without or a little liquid addition. Therefore, the moisture content of the pellet feed is basically the moisture content of the material before pelleting. Which is more conducive to storage.

3.The pellets reduce the probability of livestock and poultry infecting digestive system diseases. During the formation of pellets, the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans can be denatured, reducing the adverse effects on poultry and livestock digestion, and at the same time killing all species of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms to reduce various worms and digestive system diseases.