Who does not want to have a good nights sleep at night ?


We all crave to sleep comfortably at night time, don’t we?


Well, the reality is that there are many factors that together help us to sleep well. Factors like comfortable bed and night wear.  So, let’s talk about nightwear.A few attributes that we all look for in nightwear is that it needs to be soft, comfortable and loose.


However, does that mean that we only look at the comfort and not the style?

No way, here are ways to feel comfortable yet stylish in night wear.The answer to the above Block Print Night wears.


So, what  are block prints?

Block prints are a kind of print where the designs are craved on a wooden block and then the same is printed all over the cloth. In India Shivalaya Jaipur is famous for its block prints. Not only are they known to use indegenious colors that makes the prints stand out but they also have unique and different designs. The colors used in block prints used to be hand made and matural. Currently a lot of colors are used but generally a lot of indigo and  green are used in them.


When it comes to design a lot of intricate designs are used. Right from paisley to flowers to trees to birds , a plethora of designs are used in block prints that add to the allurance of the print.


Block prints in Night wear ?

If you are wondering if that is indeed a stylish option then take a look at the night wear collection at Shivalaya Jaipur’s online store. This store is based in Jaipur and has a number of night wear options on offer. Take a look through them and you are sure to be smitten. They have such an amazing range on display that you will never be satisfied with one.


These night wears are made with pure cotton with exquisite block prints on them. The color pallete used in their night wear range is soothing to the eyes making it an ideal night wear. The color range includes, indigo, white, mehendi color, light pink and so on. The prints on the night wear are also quite varied. A few are traditional like paisley and trees while a few have a modern print like Japanese fan.


The night wear range is available in 2 piece pant and shirt pieces. The pants are available in both full length as well as three fourth length. Take a look at them and you will realize just how carefully and artistically have they been stitched.


So, what are you waiting for log into Shivalaya jaipur and start shopping. Trust us your night wear will never look the same again.