As the American writer Paul Forssell once said, "Be careful with your house."It clearly demonstrates your social standing. It is said that choosing and purchasing ceramic tiles for interior decoration is a difficult task. You must decide on a design style and a budget. However, purchasing tiles is only the first step, with paving design being the most important. If the ceramic tile design does not meet the required standards, even the most beautiful decoration will be a waste of money.

1Where do you require tile in your home?

1. The living room
The design of a living room is a major undertaking at home. Essentially, the style of the living room tiles determines the overall style and taste of the home. Exquisite furniture and high-quality ceramic tiles can not only meet the needs of people's lives, but they can also serve as a reflection of their own self-cultivation.

2. a restaurant
The restaurant pays close attention to creating a warm and comfortable dining environment that guests can enjoy slowly. Because of this, the ceramic tile design must complement the overall style in order to create a welcoming and leisurely dining environment.

3. Kitchen Having clean and comfortable kitchen tiles will make cooking a joyous experience, which necessitates a large selection of ceramic tiles.

Toilet (number 4)
The bathroom, in addition to the tiles in the bedroom, is a relaxing space for us. The color of ceramic tile in the toilet should not be too strong and jumping, otherwise you will feel depressed or excited, so you should choose a color that is calm and peaceful.

2How do you make ceramic tile look expensive?

1. Paving of solid colors mixed together, with a simple atmosphere
Solid color paving is the most commonly used and convenient spelling. If you want to break up the monotony of a solid color scheme, you might want to consider random paving. Color blocks of varying hues collide with one another, creating a highly textural and artistic effect.

2. Tiles with unusual shapes
Who says that ceramic tile has to be square? There is a certain pursuit of the owners, and they often have to work hard on the ceramic tile wholesale prices, so a series of lace, patterns, and special-shaped tile shops came into being.

The hexagonal tiles are a popular design choice.
Hexagonal tiles can be flexible and simple, and the space becomes more artistic and fresh as a result. They create a great deal of tension in the visual space, making it more convex and concave.

Tiles in unusual shapes and sizes
After the special-shaped tile is laid, it creates a flowing sense of extension that is completely different in visual sense, while at the same time the visual sense is more spacious and generous. When compared to the traditional shape of ceramic tiles, these tiles can draw attention to the owner's temperament and artistic self-restraint.

3. Material splicing and temperament receive full marks.
Sometimes we can broaden our perspectives a little, as in the case of the perfect combination of ceramic tile, cement wall and floor. According to the use of functional requirements, in fact, local use of tiles, it is not necessary to lay the entire floor and walls.