Indeed, employees are your most valuable asset; yet they are the one thing that can cost you your business. They are unpredictable. Some are hardworking, reliable, honest, and can work without supervision. But some others are the exact opposite. Apart from that, human beings have feelings and can suffer from psychological, emotional, and physical challenges. These ones may underperform, but their actions are not deliberate. The problem is, you cannot tell the difference just by looking at them.

No matter the situation, you can't run a business without employees, so you will still need to hire people. The question is, how will you handle all these issues to protect your business? That’s the point where employee management comes into play. With a field employee tracking app, you can keep a close eye on your business to find out what your employees are up to at all times. The best part about it is that you can do it from just about anywhere in the universe.

Below are some five benefits of the field employee tracking app.

1. Boost Productivity

Using An employee attendance app boosts productivity by allowing you to monitor productive and non-productive hours in your business.

Productive hours refer to the actual time employees spend working.

Non-productive hours refer to the actual time an employee spends on other unrelated activities.

When employees know you are watching them, they will work harder to become more productive. They are less likely to misbehave or even waste time unnecessarily. That will help boost productivity.

2. Improve Employee Performance

Performing a field audit on your business is essential to measure the performance of your employees. Of course, employees do get tired, so they can’t perform 100% the whole day. As such, non-productive is part of the business. But it should never be more than productive time. That’s an indication that something isn’t going on well as it should. An employee attendance app will help you identify the most productive employees from the unproductive ones and why. With this information, you will understand your employees better to address their shortcomings and help them perform better.

3. Create Corporate Policies

Corporate policies ensure effectiv employee management. A field employee tracking app will provide you with all the relevant information you need to formulate effective corporate policies for your business.

4. Increase ROI (Return on Investments)

Long non-productive hours can be very costly if not properly managed. They are one of the top reasons why some businesses fail. By performing a field audit, you can minimize non-productive time, boosting your overall productivity, performance and ultimately increase your ROI.

5. Monitor Employee Attendance

Employee attendance has always been a challenging issue for most businesses. It has a direct impact on productive and non-productive time hence business performance, productivity, and ROI. An employee attendance app will help you monitor all aspects of attendance, including

  • Off time and Start Times schedule
  • Clock in and clock out times
  • Sick offs
  • Leave
  • Breaktimes etc

This information will help you identify employees with absenteeism issues, causes, and possible solutions.

For instance, stress-related illness and disorders are so common nowadays. As a result, businesses now incorporate wellness programs, such as yoga, GYM, and so on, to help their employees relax and improve their performance.


These are just some of the reasons why every business must invest in an employee tracking app. It will help identify employee-related problems and solutions to prevent unnecessary losses. It is also a perfect way to ensure efficiency in your business.