As per a report, websites built with WooCommerce contributed about $10 - $15 Billion in the year 2018. And with the continuous increase in the use of WooCommerce for WordPress eCommerce development, the sales are likely to rise further. 

However, we can’t solely rely on WooCommerce to escalate our sales as we have to bring the best WordPress development practice to the table. Luckily, WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce are updated regularly for new and improved features and allows one to integrate many other tools with it. 

Hence, you can have a better result in terms of your company sale if you follow the right approach. This list mentioned below includes all the tips and tricks that you must follow for better WooCommerce sales. 

How to Improve Your WooCommerce Site’s Sale? 

1. Provide personalized experience 

In today’s competitive environment, if you have to get your sales up, you need to ensure all of your audience isn’t treated the same way. It’s 2021, and visitors love the personalization! They want to look at product recommendations, what suits them best, and content that interests them. Anything outside these boundaries can appear alien to them and they might end up losing interest in your WordPress eCommerce site. 

Hence, what you need to make sure is - 

  • Incorporate AI-powered chatbots. 
  • Use AR and VR to provide personalized shopping experiences. 
  • Use machine learning to recommend products better. 
  • Allow users to wishlist products and share them with their friends and family. 

2. Choose right WordPress eCommerce plugins & themes 

Choosing the right WordPress eCommerce plugins and themes is still one of the important factors determining your sales. That’s because it clearly affects your site’s design and functionality. Therefore, make sure you consider these factors while deciding which WordPress eCommerce plugins and themes to use. 

  • Ensure it doesn’t drag your site speed down. 
  • It should be responsive. 
  • It should integrate well and shouldn’t affect your WooCommerce development process. 
  • The theme should have an attractive design. 

3. Carefully select CTA 

The CTA or call to action links you add to your site defines your conversion points. Sounding too pushy or not engaging enough can be negative pointers for your WordPress eCommerce site. You should have a proper balance of CTAs on your website and make it prominent for encouraging visitors to click on it and take the next step. 

4. UI & UX audit 

Well, your site’s UI and user experience need to be praiseworthy for visitors to like your site. However, that’s not possible if your WooCommerce development strategy is weak. You need to check your site for UI and UX mistakes and optimize it accordingly. 

Make sure the user stays in your WordPress eCommerce site because of its engaging design, compelling content, quality products, simple navigation, etc. Precisely, you have to provide them with an improved user experience so they can trust your site and become loyal customers. 

5. Thorough testing 

Your site wouldn’t be able to get any sales let alone be a surge if it isn’t tested thoroughly for various mistakes, bugs, page errors, security vulnerabilities, broken links, faulty payment gateway, etc. This could cause serious damage to your reputation. Hence, make sure it is well tested before it runs live and ensure to keep updating it for the best security aspects. 

Considering these tips will benefit you in upsurging the sales of your online store powered by WooCommerce. Therefore, WooCommerce can be apt for developing online stores when you follow an appropriate development strategy. 

However, you might not be able to do it all on your own if you aren’t technologically proficient. For that, hiring a WooCommerce development company like Auxesis Infotech might be advantageous. They will help you with the right solutions and aid in increasing your business sales.