1.Automatic Supply of Hot Water for Hot Springs and Detection of
Hot Spring Water Shortage

Water is supplied from the hot springs to a holding tank. Also, pumps can be prevented from operating dry when the springs are not producing hot water and an alarm can be output to a suitable location.

2.Detection of River Water Levels
Rising water levels and water shortages in rivers can be detected to provide notification and alarms to downstream areas. The Water level electrode can also be used in this case.

3.Monitoring Water Levels in Storage Ponds
Water levels are monitored in ponds for disaster relief and agriculture. Commands are output to open and close gates.

4.Wire Winding Detection
Not just liquids, but any conductive detection object can be detected.
One side of the 61F is connected to an Electrode and wire and the other side is connected to ground. The winding machine must also be grounded, so conductivity is created through ground to enable detecting the wire.

Also, by using a bar, the grounding range with the detection object can be expanded to enable allowing for the width that the wire moves when it is wound

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