You have just opened your website. Now you believe you have the best product on the planet. You believe you can sit back and see your orders skyrocket. They aren't soaring, and you don’t know why.

Your website is invisible to everyone. You've just created a website from a template and paid for a URL. Now you believe that your website will magically be the first result on Google.

It is not.

It takes hard work to get to the top of Google. A lot of time is spent optimizing your website for search engines, or SEO.


It is now well-known that SEO is essential to establishing a strong online presence. It is surprising how many businesses don't know SEO and why it is so important for their success.

In the past, companies could hire SEO professionals and leave it up to them. But now everyone who works on a website needs to be familiar with SEO and what they should do when posting.

You might be thinking of opening a website but are worried about SEO. Here are some tips to help you get started.