Today we will talk about the introduction of cooler cart related knowledge, we mainly start from three aspects.

1. The principle of cold heat preservation of cooler cart: The main function of this product is to maintain the freshness of the food, put the frozen items into the box, and use the extra-thick insulation layer to delay the temperature rise inside the box. The ideal cold storage effect can be achieved without external power supply. For continuous cold insulation, you can also purchase an environmentally friendly cold storage box and use it together for better results.

2. Cooler cart is widely used in:

(1) Family or group travel, barbecue, fishing and other outdoor activities-preserve fresh items such as fruits, drinks, meat, seafood, etc., to make the travel pleasant.

(2) All kinds of restaurants, hotels, and fast food delivery restaurants—preserving food and maintaining the freshness of food during food delivery.

3. Note for cooler cart

1. Try to control the opening of the lid of the cooler cart during use to avoid the loss of cold energy in the box.

2. During the use of the cooler cart, please handle it gently to avoid violent impact, drop and squeeze.

3. Before and after use, please keep the inside and outside of the box clean. If there are stains, wipe it off with a damp cloth or neutral soap. It is strictly forbidden to use strong acid, strong alkali or strong oxidizing detergent or disinfectant, etc. (Note: When cleaning the cooler cart, do not directly sprinkle water on the box or the box, so as to avoid artificial damage to the package body and penetrate into the insulation layer.)

4. It is strictly forbidden to pry open the ice box lid, otherwise it cannot be used. Please place the ice box properly when not in use

5. The standard ice box has a limited amount of cold storage. If you need a longer cold storage time, you can add an ice box/ice bag. If in doubt, please consult Qitian technical specialist.

6. Prohibit open flame contact or sharp knife cutting.

7. Avoid long-term exposure to rain, humidity, and sunlight that will affect the heat preservation effect.

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