The floating pontoon is a combined floating module, which is mainly made of high molecular polyethylene through a blow molding process. It can be used wherever there is water. The water buoy has the characteristics of good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, reasonable price, stable performance, harmless, no maintenance, and any arbitrary assembly of any shape, and the water buoy also has the following values,Float Pontoon Manufacturers Introduces The Design Process Of Floating Floats:

  1. The surface of the floating float adopts a non-slip surface design, which is safe and stable, and avoids all the common dangers caused by wooden facilities.
  2. The floating pontoon can carry a weight of 375kg per square meter, which has super bearing capacity.
  3. The service life can be as high as 20 years.
  4. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in various fields.
  5. Really 100% maintenance-free and economical.
  6. It can be installed and dismantled quickly, and it is easy to install and dismantle.
  7. Strong resistance, with anti-ultraviolet, anti-sea water, anti-freezing, chemical agents, oil stains and other substances.
  8. It can be combined into facilities of any size and structure according to the needs of use, with super mobility.

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