ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai You probably knew that the primary step in ISO 9001 in Dubai implementation is to process the scope. What you most likely didn’t apprehend is that this step, though straightforward initially look, will typically cause you quite a ton of bother. Namely, plenty of firms try to decrease their implementation prices by narrowing the scope, however, they typically notice themselves in a very scenario wherever such a scope provides them a headache.


So, wherever is that the problem?

ISO 9001 Services in Dubai The problem, once the ISO 9001 scope isn't the full organization, is that the data Security Management System (ISMS) should have interfaces to the “outside” world – therein context, the surface world doesn't seem to be solely the purchasers, partners, suppliers, etc., however, conjointly the organization’s departments that don't seem to be inside the scope. it's going to appear funny, however, a department that isn't within the scope ought to be treated within the same manner as AN external provider. ISO 9001 consultant in Dubai for instance, if you select that solely your IT department is inside your scope, and this department is victimization the services of the business department, the IT department ought to perform a risk assessment of your business department to spot if there are any risks for the data that the IT department is responsible; furthermore, those 2 departments ought to sign terms and conditions for the services provided.


Why is such an overhead necessary? 

ISO 9001 consultant in Dubai you have got to place yourself within the certification body’s shoes – it should certify that inside your scope you're ready to handle the data in a very secure manner, whereas it cannot check any of your departments outside the scope. the sole thanks to handling such a scenario are to treat such departments as if they were external firms. (Please note: certification auditors ne'er sort of a slender scope.) This is not wherever the difficulty stops. Sometimes, a slender scope is solely impracticable, as a result of there's no interface with the surface world. as an example, if staff from each within the scope and out of doors the scope is sitting within the same space, such a scope is hardly feasible; if each the staff inside and out of doors the scope uses an identical native network (with no segregation) and have the access to varied network services, such a scope is certainly impracticable – there's no manner you'd be ready to manage the data flow solely within the scope.

The point here is – narrowing your ISMS scope is typically not possible, and in most cases, it'll bring you supererogatory overhead. Therefore, what at the start didn’t look like a decent answer, can be the optimum one on balance – try and extend your scope to the full organization. The rule of the thumb is: if your organization has no over some hundred staff, and one or simply some locations, the most effective issue would be for the ISMS to hide the full organization. On the opposite hand, if you actually cannot cowl the full organization together with your ISMS scope, try to attempt set it in a structural unit that is sufficiently independent; try and solve the relationships with alternative structure units outside the scope by determinative their service through internal documents (policies, procedures, etc.) that may function “agreements” – in such how you may document those structure unit’s obligations in a very manner that's usable in daily operations.


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