It's mind boggling.It felt bizarre to gold wow classic cancel my sub shortly after having the most enjoyable from the sport I have ever had. Blizzard said they left the Argent tourney raid because Ulduar took too many man hours and dollars (it was epic, so lots of managers, so many chambers, virtually every fight made nicely )... enjoy, a raid worthy of a multi billion dollar business.

The fact that this colossal company turned around and said, hey, that was too expensive of a raid to us to make, here is something we made from begin to finish in two weeks, that was really disrespectful to the participant base and it isn't any wonder sub numbers went downhill shortly afterwards.Apparently when you're making 150 million USD a month out of subs a few developers is"Too pricey"activision started destroying WoW the very moment they purchased them.

I remember the justification for it not being cost but because ICC was still not finished and rather than 4 or 5 months of ulduar they put collectively an Australian raid to give players something to do while they ended ICC. Also valanyr was BiS for healers for the rest of the expac.Algalon to this day is still my favourite battle ever. Everything about it, the area, algalons version, the difficulty of this struggle. Holy shit discuss a motherfucking experience.Was playing on a notebook back afterward and Algalon just completely fucked the pc. Like I would have random tough crashes and super low fps. Needed to be on bench during progession on that one. Every other boss was nice and that I had been there on initial kills.

That made me buy a new powerful desktop for Cataclysm...BT didn't have heroic, sometimes scalable, difficulties for bosses built into the raid itself, and did not have a secret final ultra hard closing boss as a final challenge.It had been good for its time, however Ulduar is a foundation of cheap wow classic gold what raids should be. Everything was baked to the gameplay rather than the menu, except that the 10/25 difficulty.Naxx coming back was fantastic, it's an wonderful raid less than 1% of vanilla players got to experience and I'd say far fewer than that of wrath players before going in at 80.