The metal wine holder has wall-mounted, free-standing, floor-standing, and cabinet-mounted installations. Some styles are stackable, where one unit is placed on top of another unit. The metal wine rack designed for floor-to-ceiling installation is tall and can hold a larger capacity because the weight of the rack will be supported by the ground. The tabletop or countertop wine rack is designed for a smaller capacity. The wall-mounted wine rack is modular, and more racks can be added according to the size of the collection.

  The options for metal wine holders include:

  • Steel rod rack

  • Modern hanger can put the neck of each bottle forward

  • Fixed wine rack, can display the bottle and label together

  • Modern black pin

  • There are 2 bottles and 3 bottles of wine nails

  • Single bottle wine rack

  • Classic epic metal wine racks in various colors

  • Stackable metal frame

  • Magnum wine storage

  • Plus floor-standing frame, island display rack, etc.

  hanging photo holder is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.