There are few occasions over the world where they celebrate these days as very special especially when it comes to the parts of India where there are lots of celebrations over the country where different parts of peoples have their function differently.

Rakhi is one of the best celebrations which we celebrate all over the country to give a special feeling for the children. You can select the best Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother online.

How to select a Rakhi to give to your brother?

Rakhis are one of the best things a brother has as a precious gift from her sister. When it’s time for an occasion like Raksha Bandhan then the sister used to plan for the best and awesome gifts and rakhis for brother.

As it is a time of pandemic situation where you cannot move out for buy gifts and rakhi. You can order rakhi gift hampers for your brother or you can search for gift ideas online and they have an option like same-day rakhi delivery.

Rakhi handmade ideas

When it comes to making a rakhi at home there are lots of ideas. You can put your personal touch or personal ideas into it. You can make use of your home materials and make rakhis.

Quilling rakhi:

Quilling Rakhi is one of the best ideas for making rakhis at home. When you want to present your brother with a unique style of rakhi then here is the first idea. You can make rakhis out of quilling paper. Quilling papers are available in different sizes and different colors.

The items required are a single ribbon, pink, green, yellow quilling papers. Start by simply rolling the quilling paper and stick it at the end then start rolling another quilling paper over it and gum it.

Roll up to three colors over and over like a Swiss roll. Now it’s time to decorate, add a simple white stone in the center and stick the quilling roll to the ribbon. This looks beautiful and you can change colors.

Wooden beads rakhi

When you come to rakhis, uniqueness plays the main role. Here the unique rakhi gifts for brothers are made up of wooden beads. The items needed to make rakhis are wooden beads, green thread, white stones, and white pearl stone joints, and golden triangle joints.

You can choose any stone or any beads to decorate the rakhi. Here take the wooden rakhi and roll the green thread through the holes in the wooden beads. Make two beads like this and add this to the thread with decorating items like a golden triangle and white beads on both sides. You can choose any woolen thread to make this as a thread to tie. 

Bead rakhis 

This is the best rakhi gifts for brother to tie beautifully in hands. Here you can select any thread of your choice and here the beads can be made the same as the color of the shirts your brother wore. These beaded rakhis look very good as they are covered up by the beads.

Take a thread and fill it with violet beads. You can even mix this up light and dark color and make a knot at the end and this tie looks wow in the hands of your brother. This is very simple and even children can make use of it.

Thread rakhis 

The most beautiful rakhis can be made by hand very easily. The main things required to make this one is. Take a round ring that you make stead out of thread jewelry. Take a stone chain of 1 meter and a blue thread.

Here you can start the process by which you can tie the thread over the ring. Then you can roll the stone chain at the ends of the ring and then add the woolen thread of blue color over it and then add blue and white beads over both the corners of the thread in the woolen thread.

Final words

Rakhi gifts ideas for brothers online are available in plenty. Here you can order even combo gifts like soft toys, sweets, and rakhi with chocolates to make your brother or sister feel surprised. You can also add cakes and flowers online.