Industrial Chain Factory introduces how to use the chain correctly:
1. Before installing the chain, it can be applied only after the disc engagement between the chain and the sprocket is determined.

2. No residues or hard blocks are allowed to adhere to the chain and sprocket to avoid damage to the chain drive system software.

3. The chain should carry out stable operations within the scope of the maximum power specification, without load, impact, or frequent operation.

4. After long-term use of the chain, the high efficiency of transmission will be damaged due to damage, and the working condition will change badly. The chain should be adjusted appropriately or replaced on time according to the specific working condition.

5. In the whole process of chain application, solve the problem of timely maintenance of chain drive system software, that is, clean up the grease after cleaning, to ensure that the life of the chain is increased and improved.

Through the above introduction,Leaf Chain Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.