In our opinion, both pure aluminum die-casting and aluminum die-casting are processed with aluminum as the raw material, and the aluminum castings made are the same. But experts tell us that in fact, these two products are different, not only that, they are also different in manufacturing processes. If there is a big difference, it is that pure aluminum die-casting should pay special attention to its sticking problem.

The melting furnace used to dissolve pure aluminum is preferably a crucible made of diamond-shaped graphite to avoid large temperature differences. In addition, special attention should be paid to the temperature of the mold surface, the cooling time after injection, and the ejection time after mold opening. Must operate in accordance with strict requirements.

If every step is made in accordance with the mentioned requirements, the die-casting castings are relatively good in quality, performance, and precision, and they will be more at ease if they should.

If you want to solve it, you must choose some good-quality, special-purpose release agent, and the temperature must be controlled well, so it is better to keep it above 720 degrees. In order to better grasp this temperature, silicon carbide can be used as the material of the temperature probe, so that it is not easy to be enclosed by liquid aluminum.

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