The use of tarpaulin
The purpose of tarpaulin-tarpaulin has many incredible uses. Our tarps are no exception. They are durable, waterproof and anti-corrosion... These tarps have many wonderful uses, and we want to list some. As a wholesale tarpaulin , we have many different types of tarpaulin.


1. Firewood
Cover the firewood with a tarp. When it is cold outside, there is nothing better than lighting a fire or lighting the firewood. When the freezing rain hits the window, keep it warm and warm.
However, storing firewood may cause problems for some people. Especially at the beginning of the season.
If you deliver wood like me, then finding a place to keep the wood dry is not always
But the best solution I found was to pile the wood tightly in a pile. Then use 200gsm tarpaulin to cover the wood and fix it.
The wood stays dry, it's on the outside, perfect for those cracking fires.

2. Transportation
Picture of a trailer tarp If you have a trailer or pickup truck, you may not have a cover, but you may want to transport some construction materials or things you don't want to get wet.
You may also need to avoid direct sunlight as it will destroy UV rays
Use Pro-Tec waterproof cloth to meet your needs. This is a simple solution to keep the tail of an open trailer or truck dry and protected.
The tarpaulin is not only waterproof, but also treated with ultraviolet rays to provide ultraviolet protection for the materials or objects below.
Our tarps also have perforations that can be easily attached to trailers or trucks.

3. Camping
We like camping. Be one with nature, cook on fire, stay away from technology... as long as it doesn't rain, it's perfect.
In my experience, when a tent says "waterproof", it doesn't always mean waterproof. Water can always find a way in. Before you realize it, your socks are soaked and you are shaking in your sleeping bag. I hope you watch cat videos on YouTube and turn on the heating at home...
Well, if you take proper precautions, you can have a dry tent even if it rains.

Just use a tarpaulin as a shelter. Use bungee cords or ropes to tie the tarps to some trees above the tent. Or, hang the tarp on the tent and nail it with nails to increase the waterproof protection in the future.

4. Building/Construction
Tarpaulin for construction sites, whether it is a small or large construction project, the use of tarps will always come in handy.
From covering bricks or materials that keep them dry and protecting, to placing them on unfinished roofs or brickwork.
A sturdy 270 g tarpaulin is sufficient for this job.

5. Agriculture/Agriculture
Green tarpaulin stretch We currently have many agricultural companies using Pro-Tec tarpaulin.
Easy access to tarpaulins on the farm is usually very helpful.

Livestock-Tarpaulin can provide shelter for many livestock from shade/rain.
Protection-From animal feed to hay bales, there are usually things that may need to be protected. Having a waterproof cloth on hand makes life easier.

6. Car/Motorcycle
If you have a classic car or motorcycle that you use seasonally, you must protect them during the inactive months.
Covering them with tarpaulin can protect them from dust and scratches.

7. Fruit fishing
Maybe a bit random. However, if, like some of us, you have apple trees or fruit trees in or near your garden, it is worth considering getting apples before they fall and rot.
We like the action of "shake and hope for the best". However, this may cause the fruit to jump around, unknowingly, your garden is already full of plums!

Pull out a tarp and place it under the tree, or let some people hold it. Shake the tree, most of the fruit will be caught by the tarp. In addition, you will capture most of the leaves and dead branches, and you can throw them into the garden trash can or compost pile.

Of course, in addition to these tarpaulins, we also have inkjet cloth available to you. If you are interested, you are welcome to consult at any time.