It is reported that the proportion of my country's textile industry in the total fiber is far lower than that of developed countries, and it has not yet given full play to its unique functions.

However, with the continuous and rapid development of national economic construction and various undertakings, the textile industry is now receiving increasing attention in its applications in various fields.

The urgent demand for gazebo canopy outdoor in the 2010 Wenchuan earthquake relief and the massive demand for geotextiles, building reinforcement materials and other products in post-disaster reconstruction are warnings that the industrial textile industry should speed up the development and increase the technological content of products to meet High-level requirements for emergency incidents, economic construction and various undertaking development. For this reason, the special edition of the newspaper’s industrial textiles has organized a series of reports on the development of industrial textiles after the disaster, focusing on analyzing and reporting the industrial textiles in China for disaster relief such as tents, geotextiles, building reinforcement materials, and filtration materials. , Post-disaster reconstruction and the role played in various fields of the national economy. I hope this group of reports can bring more thoughts to the industry.

Tents are special materials for emergency rescue and disaster relief, and our country’s usual reserves are around 180,000. In this earthquake relief effort, 900,000 people are in urgent need in the earthquake-stricken area. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has arranged a total of 75 enterprises across the country to produce urgently needed tents in the disaster-stricken areas.

In the Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief process, tents played a huge role, especially the scene of textile companies rushing to make tents day and night, which caused many people to pay attention to the tent industry that was rarely cared about in the past. In fact, in addition to tents that are often used in earthquake relief, military training, and field operations, they also play an important role in our daily lives. From fibers to fabrics, from traditional methods to the use of high-tech methods, my country's tent industry has undergone tremendous changes. Even if it is not for disaster relief, people from all walks of life believe that tents are an industry that should not be ignored.

The development process and prospects of the curved arm awning

There are actually many types of awnings. Generally speaking, they can be divided into canopy awnings and window awnings according to their names. According to their functions, they can be divided into curved-arm awnings and retractable awnings. However, with the development of the times, curved-arm awnings Because of its fashion and ease of use, it has been widely recognized and praised by the market.

The main function of the awning is to block the sun, wind and rain, specifically it can block the ultraviolet rays in the sun. The awning is now very common in the more developed countries in the West. As an external shading system, it has been integrated into the architectural design system. However, due to the late start in our country, it also has a lot to do with the ideology of the Chinese people. With the popularization of the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, the sunshade system must have a broader space for development in our country.

Prospects for the development of my country's tent industry

The old-fashioned awning is to cover a piece of canvas on an iron shelf to block the sun. With the improvement of technical level, people have more and more patterns in the design of awnings, and it is more convenient to use. The beautiful and easy-to-use sunshade products are becoming more and more popular among the general public. The earliest curved arm awning originated in European and American countries and has a history of hundreds of years. Entering the Chinese market is still a matter of recent years, and later awnings have gradually become popular in our country.

The electric crank arm awning is composed of tarpaulin, reel, crank arm, awning beam and power mechanism. The fabric is generally polyester and acrylic, and the reel is generally an aluminum reel. Its working principle is: one side of the sunshade tarpaulin is connected to the reel and rolled on the reel, and the other is connected to the canopy beam, the crank arm pushes the canopy beam outward through the pull of a large tension spring, and the power mechanism drives the roll to rotate forward and reverse. The awning can be opened and retracted. The awning can also be opened and closed through the remote control.

At present, in order for users to use the curved arm awning more conveniently, some new technologies are applied to the curved arm awning. For example, when the ambient wind is greater than the wind that the awning can withstand, the wind sensor system will automatically retract the awning; when the sun goes down, the light sensor system will control the curved arm awning automatically Retract: When it rains, users don’t have to worry about the awning being damaged by heavy rain. The rain sensor system will automatically retract the curved arm awning. The new technology has eliminated people's worries.

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