Psyonix has announced a double XP weekend for Rocket League to cap off 2018, beginning December 12 and Rocket League Credits finishing December 31.

This holiday gift is not any white elephant—gamers will earn XP towards their profile level and the Rocket Pass quicker than ever earlier than. This is way to Rocket League's recent December Update, which made big changes to how players earn XP.

The biggest of those changes is that players earn forty% extra XP consistent with 2d than earlier than the update, creating a major distinction in how quick profile stages are earned. When doubling this already-boosted base XP charge, gamers will undoubtedly notice the outcomes as they fly through Rocket Pass tiers.

It's no secret that Psyonix is hoping to help gamers earn greater Rocket Pass ranges. They estimated that the primary Rocket Pass would take a hundred hours to complete, which figures all the way down to around 60 hours after the XP buffs, or even fewer with double XP weekends like this one. With a higher danger to finish the base Rocket Pass levels, extra players could have Buy Rocket League Credits a threat to earn the all-new Special Edition cosmetics introduced in Rocket Pass 2.