That's me and it's OSRS gold not a fantastic situation to hold resentment like that. I just had an extremely advanced and quite rich account pre EOC, so it was very upsetting to have it taken away.People spent a decade grinding that game and Jagex killed it with a single upgrade and you wonder why folks are salty. But yep.  Jagex. They do nothing for us.If you think EoC is the upgrade that killed the match, then you were not around for Jagex eliminating the Wilderness or sour as  around EoC that you simply resisted the effect that update had on the game.

I had so a lot of my friends quit due to this upgrade and I abandoned the game for a while till EoC was announced.The top players in this community are willing to literally themselves so they do not have to quit playing. Bold to suppose that everyone here's a well-adjusted adult.You think the majority of individuals who play with this match are well-adjusted?

50% of the people here have a mixture of abandonment problems and PTSD because the battle system in a match they base their lives on obtained changed.If you would like to see a well adjusted adult dress up in slayer gear with a whip and begin Meleeing dust devils in front of a person trying to burst them.To be honest, it sucked a lot regarding rs2 being completely and absolutely destroyed over time.

We really loved that game and it hurt to see it happen.You seem to be completely unaware about gamers generally, this isn't a runescape thing.I genuinely think these PSAs do more harm than good, nobody who was already going to do this won't change their minds because of a wall of text, however trolls who genuinely enjoy this stuff who have not thought of Cheap Rs gold this thought will pile up on the hate and bombing it with bad reviews.I said the exact same thing. Otherwise he did not believe this one through.You're both overthinking it.