Your books must display everything about your company and how well it is doing. If your books are not completely accurate, your business will suffer. There are three components to keeping successful business books.

  • Determining before setting up your books what your chart of accounts will be
  • The data entry and maintenance of the books
  • Your ability to understand what all those accounts and numbers mean

As a company owner, you need to process your day-to-day paper transactions to understand how you want to show the setting up of your books before hiring any bookkeeping services. What receipts account for what expense, or how do you want to break down your sales accounts, etc. You need to prove consistency, so when you look at a specific account, you will honestly know how your business is doing.

Over the first two to three months, you will determine all your accounts, become familiar with what they look like, and start to see a trend that reflects your bookkeeping requirements. Once you have established the setup of your sales and expense accounts, then it is time to delegate part or all of your bookkeeping requirements to a bookkeeping service.

Even if they are competent, bookkeepers do not assume responsibility for how your organization is performing. You must be aware of your expenses & revenues. Your bookkeeper is meant to help you feel confident, secure, & in control of your business by reducing the time you spend maintaining your record-keeping and bringing peace of mind by giving monthly assistance.

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