These days, I would probably recommend just enjoying different games known for their atmosphere & stories, such as Fallout New Vegas. RuneScape is a glorified midieval cookie clicker. It's OSRS gold a skinnerbox plus also a mindhack, but a few people take pleasure in the skinnerbox.

Quests are not really the principal way to level up in the two variants of Runescape. They do give you a bit of XP for certain skills when you complete them, but if you did all of the quests in the game you wouldn't have maximum stats in anything.

Actually you'll see that for lots of the mid to late game quests you'll have to grind some skills yourself to fulfill the prerequisites to even begin it. With Runescape the main way you progress your personality is grinding mobs for combat XP and grinding the abilities for their individual skill XP. OpenRSC is a fairly good approximation of their first RSC. You won't have the ability to log into your old account, but each of the additional content is there.

My only real claim to fame was minding my own company grinding dragons in the members area and a horde of players appear and it is Zezima in the middle grinding with a huge audience. For your youngin's here he had been, at least at the time, the best player in the game They bought a gold mine once they got Ace Of Spades but then kinda just forgot everything they purchased. 

How can you buy a game that's loved only for the gameplay and then change all of the gameplay?You're creating a very vague debate. I'm not saying it is possible to remove all of the terrible things from the Buy Runescape gold world, diseases will continue to evolve and change, individuals will continue to die in tragic ways etc.. 

But lots of the problems society faces today, (climate change being the obvious one) are made by us, and surely it is worth while to try and decrease the suffering that humans have had a huge part of?