The future is now; however, even with the latest advances in technology, computer problems with printers like offline devices are one of the most prevalent issues for printers at work and home.


If you're at the office or working on necessary documents to print from home, nothing is more frustrating than receiving the message that your printer is not working. Printing a few copies is an easy process, especially if you are working in an office equipped with modern multifunction printers. Unfortunately, technology isn't 100% perfect, and each device is susceptible to errors, yet they are entirely resolvable!


A printer that's down and you're unsure what to do about it can be a hassle that could seriously hinder your workflow if you don't act quickly. After cursing at the minor errors in technology, it's now time to find a solution to get your printer running ideally once more.


If you're struggling with this daunting problem, then we've prepared seven solutions to the inquiry: "why is my printer offline."




The first thing to do is test the internet connectivity. Examine your cable or Wi-Fi connection by examining the router as well as USB cables. Remove and reconnect as needed to ensure that the quick restart or refresh may help!


If the issue persists If the problem persists, try shifting your cables to different ports.




If all your cables and Internet connection are functioning correctly, however, your printer is not working. It would help if you verified the status of the printer.


If you're running Windows, then you can look up the status of your printer's offline/online status in "Devices and Printers" in the start menu of your computer. If your printer is functioning perfectly, you should be able to see it listed in the. If you find it, you can click the printer you're trying to use and ensure you check that the "Use Printer Offline" box is not limited. If it's not the case, then you know what you need to do! This feature will bring your printer back up and running.


You can also set the printer you'll need to be using for "Default Printer.




If you're using an entirely new printer for the first time, an installation issue could be the reason of printer offline. If your printer doesn't appear on the "Devices and Printers" menu, likely, it was not installed correctly.


If this is the scenario, then reinstalling it will fix the issue. Most printers only require connecting to the computer through the USB port. If you own a wireless device, you must choose "Add a Device" in the settings.




Another reason the printer seems to be offline could be a problem related to The driver's software. It is software that Windows, as well as the printer, utilize to communicate with one another. When the software for the driver turns out to be out of date, incompatible or corrupted, it is possible to install an update.


The drive updates on the internet or asks the manufacturer for more details. They typically have an update that is available to download. If your printer included a disc with your purchase, you'd likely find the driver update details there.




Sometimes, the issue may not be as severe as it may seem. If your printer queue has become stuffed with things you don't want to print now, All you have to do is empty your line, and you're good to go!

Click "cancel all documents", and the device will reboot. It could have was overwhelmed by the volume of the printing jobs that are pending.




Similar to other types of electronics, the printer may require an energy cycle. The process of turning off the printer and back on often resolves the issue at hand. Please turn off your printer, disconnect it for about 30 to 60 seconds and then plug it back into. If it's still displaying "printer offline," continue investigating.




If none of the troubleshooting techniques helped you bring your printer back to life, you're likely experiencing an issue with your hardware issue. If that's the case, then you should try it out to confirm.


Once you've confirmed the issue, it's strongly recommended to speak to the manufacturer for more assistance. They'll typically refer the customer to their support centre to fix your printer, and you'll be functioning within a matter of minutes.




Technology isn't perfect, which is probably the reason you're looking for this troubleshooting guide. There is, however, the order in technology. This means that specific models are more durable than others. This is evident in their characteristics, design and endurance.


If you're fed up with printing issues that get impeding your productivity, it's the right time to purchase a top-quality multifunction printer that is guaranteed never to disappoint you. An offline printer won't bring you much value. However, we've covered you!