Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) have always amused and enhanced the expectations of millions of couples struggling to have children. One such advanced ART technique is Embryo freezing, where the embryos are stored in a frozen state. It was in the year 1980 when the first successful pregnancy was accomplished through frozen embryo transfer (FET) after which many couples have accomplished their dream of parenthood through FET. 

While the cost of embryo freezing differs in various aspects, it is important to note here that the embryo freezing cost in India is mentioned as a procedure cost and in addition, the cost for preserving is calculated on a yearly or half-yearly basis. 

In a normal IVF cycle, the ovaries of a woman are stimulated for the retrieval of eggs that are fused with sperm to produce embryos. These embryos can be transferred fresh into the women’s uterus and/or can be frozen for future use. Embryo freezing works on the principle called cryopreservation that utilizes the ability of live cells, tissues, etc to freeze at sub-zero temperature and store for a long duration. 

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