When working in woodworking, there are professional tools, such as wood drill bits, and there are many types of drill bits. Here are some types of Wood Auger Drill Bits and their functions.

(1) Three-point drill. This kind of drill is relatively common. Generally speaking, it is used for drilling wood. It is a screw hole, and some is a tenon hole. The price is not particularly expensive. Its size is large or small, for example, the smallest possible set is 3 mm, and the largest can reach 10 mm. The three-point drill is the best for drilling wood, because it is easy to locate, and the price is relatively cheap, and the price is very high.

(2) Twist drill, it has a feature that can be used to drill metal because of its high hardness. If you need to drill holes in metal materials, it is best to choose a slightly higher price twist drill, which will have a better effect.

(3) Flat drills are mainly used to scrape wood. If the quality of the wood is relatively light, this flat drill is the most suitable. There is also a better quality drill that can be used to plan wood.

(4) The support drill is still very useful. On the one hand, it can be used to draw circles, and on the other hand, it can also be used to chisel wooden blocks. The drilled holes are relatively clean and faster, so the work The efficiency is relatively high, if deep holes are required, it is also more suitable.

(5) Hole opener, this is also a tool commonly used by woodworkers. The most important function is to drill some relatively large holes.

Other drill bits

The above drill bits are some manual drills, and now woodworkers also use electric drill bits, and electric drill bits are very different from manual drill bits. There are three main types, one is the electric hand drill, which is relatively light to use, but because its power is relatively small, the range of use is not particularly large, and generally it can be used to glue wood.

There are also percussion drills. There are many types of percussion drills. There are various types of drill bits. For example, there is a ball-type drill bit with very strong drilling strength.

There is also a hammer drill, which is widely used, mainly for drilling

The above is all about the types of wood drill bits and the types of electric drills.