A fixed bike is also called “dead fly. The literal interpretation is that the flywheel is dead. In ordinary bicycles, the flywheel is “alive”. In this way, when a person steps on the wheel, the wheel rotates, but when the wheel rotates, one does not need to step on it. 700c fixed gear bike is a kind of fixed bicycle.

The flywheel of “dead fly” fixes the chain to the rear wheel. The chain must turn when the wheel turns, and the person must step on it. Therefore, during the ride of the dead fly, the person must keep stepping on it. The rider can pass Pedal to control the rear wheel to slow down and brake, also can control the car well.

Fixed bike is usually more sought after by young people. It is fun to play various tricks while practicing physical fitness. Overtaken a dead battery car. Also called Jinglun abroad, there are special fancy competitions

The mechanism of a dead-flying bicycle has only one frame, two wheels, one handlebar and seat, usually without brake wires, gear converters, mudguards, lights, reflectors and brakes. However, some manufacturers will equip the dead speed car with front and rear brakes, and even gears.

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