OSS and BSS services along with telecom billing are some of the most integral components of telecom software solutions. In the past, due to scarcity of options, telecom services users stayed happy with what they got from their operator. Separate prepaid, postpaid and broadband plans were fine for users. No one cared about other services like data and video streaming. But after the start of the 21st century, the entire landscape has changed.

Accurate Billing is the Name of the Game

In today’s time, no telecom operator can accept to make mistakes and survive. Your errors are looked at with magnifying glass and there are many competitors in the market to sway away your customers.

To ensure maximum accuracy and the best results, it is important to utilize a telecom charging platform that charges and rates services in real-time.

An Online Charging System can charge both event-based and session-based services in real-time. This not only allows for accuracy but also convergent billing. It means you can send a single invoice explaining all the charges to your customers.

The Need to Improve Telecom OSS Solutions

Service provisioning and delivery always remains at the forefront of the thought process of telecom operators. In order to do that, you need robust telecom OSS solutions that ensure flawless OSS and BSS services. In today’s time, technology is shifting towards software and employment of NFV and SDN for maximum resource utilization. Therefore, you need cutting-edge telecom OSS solutions that are upgraded as per industry standards.

Analytics are the Name of the Game

With Big Data analytics, it is possible to counter the immense impact of high competition in the market. Through the data generated every day, it is possible to make inferences. Data mining and other Big Data analytics allow telcos to find patterns in user behavior, which can be later utilized for formulating effective business strategies. A next-gen OSS software telecom is needed to make the most of analytics.

Revenue Assurance and Building Trust

Providing subscribers, the services that were promised is extremely important. The billing system should come with revenue assurance that takes care of the quality aspect of telecom business. It should also provide a point of sale to the operator, so it can easily bring its services to the market.