Linsheng     -    China Air Compressor Company     stated that when it comes to filter efficiency problems, attention must be paid to the replacement period of the air filter core. Many users believe that extending the life of the filter can reduce costs. In fact, the situation is just the opposite. Filter elements covered with dust particles increase the pressure on various parts of the compressor and the energy consumption of the entire compressed air station increases.

When energy costs and filter costs add up to a minimum, it's time to replace these filters. In other words, if the cost of the filter material is lower than the energy cost of the old filter, it is the best time to replace the filter.

The role and service life of air compressor air filters: Air filters are an important protective barrier for air compressors!

(1) Filter out dust and impurities in the air taken in by the air compressor. The cleaner the inhaled air, the more reliable the life of the oil filter, oil separator and oil.

(2) Prevent other foreign objects from entering the host, because the composition of the host is very accurate, and the important gap is 30-150u. Therefore, the entry of foreign objects will inevitably damage the host, causing the host to "lock" or even scrap.

Air filter material: high-precision filter air filter replacement standard: air filter replacement standard is determined according to air filter design life and air compressor