Don't divulge your best professional secrets. This curiosity is your bait that attracts employers.  

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If they know what to do, what's the point of hiring you? It also diminishes the wow effect of your achievement, especially if they are already familiar with your strategy. 

 Include continuing learning 

Add online courses and short training seminars. Don't worry if you are not enrolled in full-time courses or at a reputed institution. Online learning is now widely accepted, and paid courses on the Internet carry weight as well. 

If you've taken a course in Adobe Photoshop ,  MS Excel, or learned any other skill, feel free to mention it if it suits your job.  

 Let your personality shine

Your resume should reflect the most interesting aspects of your personality. Why?  

Because those who achieve a lot are interesting people with a variety of hobbies and interests. Employers often interview candidates because something on their resume caught the eye. Sometimes it concerns sports, a book, a film, an additional project or volunteer activity. 

Some hobbies showcase skills related to your job, such as archery teaches you to focus and drawing boosts creativity. These activities do a double job - they make you interesting and skilled at work. 

Let your personality shine through your resume. This stylish resume template has features to showcase your professional background and skills, and includes a hobby section called “What I Love”:  

Scatter references to books you've read, sports you play, volunteering, and even places you've traveled across your resume and cover letter. 

Be Wary of Conflicting Interests 

Did you help a candidate in a political campaign? Or maybe they were collecting money for the restoration of the church. Both cases demonstrate your work ethic and willingness to help. But these attempts can be used against you by those people who do not agree with the reason. 

Good formatting increases the readability of your resume and helps you focus on the most important parts of the resume. 

Organized intervals

Need to use one or two padding between work positions? Pick one option and stick to it. If you want to combine different spacing, make sure they are consistent across different elements. For example, no spacing between thesis points, but the presence of double spacing between two sections (education and work history).  

Font size

“My rule number one is that if a reader needs glasses to read a resume, you've already made things difficult. The font size will depend on the specific font, but it MUST be readable. Also, avoid italics and other florid fonts. the recruiter might think you're not serious about the job, ”says Michelle Riklan , a certified professional resume writer at Riklan Resources LLC.

 Divide Long Lists

Each profession has a variety of specific skill sets. For example, some of the skills of a UX designer are coding, design, illustration, and administrative skills.

Separating these skills into different lists and then listing what is included in each skill makes your qualifications clearer and adds more keywords to your resume. Plus, it's easier to read. 

 Reverse the chronological order

Start your professional story with a current or previous job. Don't hide job dates on a functional resume unless you have a long break or a similar situation that calls for it. 


Limit your resume to two pages. If this limit is exceeded, there is a risk that the rest of the pages will not receive the attention they deserve. 

 No centering or alignment of text 

People read from left to right, so it’s easier if most of your text, with the exception of dates, is left aligned. Using centering and spreading text also makes your resume difficult to read. the eyes should track the beginning of the text instead of going straight back to the very left of the page. 

Job title or company name: select something to highlight in bold

Make the job title bold to emphasize career advancement among the positions you have held. If your progress isn't obvious after a quick look at your professional history, highlight the company name. You can also do this to indicate jobs in large companies. 

Keep readability a priority

White space is a breath of air for the eyes. It makes resumes easier to read and less cluttered, which is always a plus for recruiters who read applications all day. 

27. Sneak in keywords 

“Use small font and white text color to insert additional keywords into your resume,” suggests Darin Herle , co-founder of TrackMeet.

This is a tricky way to insert keywords into your resume, so I suggest inserting invisible keywords into the document footer to avoid detection. 

28. Focus on company colors 

“Instead of a plain white paper background, one applicant submitted a resume that matched our company colors. It was the most unusual resume in my practice, ”says Alison Bradley , Marketing and HR Assistant at Shiny Window Cleaning.

Using a company logo color scheme shows you are prepared and that you want to get the job. 

Send a traditional PDF file, even if you have infographics or your resume is creative  

Creative resumes can help you stand out and get noticed. We have tons of high quality resume templates , beautiful styles on Envato Market, like the ones featured in these articles

Recruiting firm The Creative Group surveyed more than 400 US marketing and advertising workers and found that 78% of them still prefer traditional PDF and word resumes.


Creative resumes can help you stand out, but if you don't have your own person in the company, it's impossible to say for sure whether an employer would prefer your resume to other traditional resumes. For reliability, please submit your resume file in PDF or word format, even if your main resume is an infographic or video. 

There are also a large number of professional resume templates on Envato Market in traditional and more modern styles, as well as many easy-to-adapt designs that can be exported to both PDF and Word formats. Here's a simple resume template with a minimum of infographic elements:  

Add an attachment to your resume

It's impossible to show all qualifications on two pages, so take advantage of LinkedIn, portfolio sites, and personal sites. Just include all the important details and accomplishments on your resume, and then let your online assistants finish the job.A printed portfolio of your work and a letter of recommendation from an authority figure are also good additions to your resume. 

Don't give them reasons to put off your resume. 

“When I go through my resume, I’m not looking for a reason to call someone for an interview. I'm looking for reasons to throw my resume at the shredder, ”says Joshua I. Wilson , Chief Investment Officer at WorthPointe.

It's not just busy workers who are to blame. Many recruiters read resumes with the intention of weeding out applicants, not giving them a grade. It's hard to blame them because they receive hundreds of resumes with similar qualifications.

A recruiter's job is to find the best candidate, not the average. Clear your resume of typos and boring job responsibilities. Highlight what makes you special. 

 Google me

“If your online experience is significant and impressive enough, tell the recruiter to search the Internet for a better understanding of your accomplishments,” says Herle.

This applies to all job seekers, not just freelancers, writers, developers and designers, whose work is often available online. 

 Give your file a name

Use your name, job title and the word " resume " in the file name of your document. This will make it easier for the recruiter to find your application after sending additional data or a thank you note. 

Improve your resume gradually

I know that reading everything on this list is tedious. Doing all of this is even more tiring, so do it gradually. Some of these tips take a few seconds to complete, while others can take half an hour or more. 

You don't have to do everything in one go. Make a few corrections, then leave everything and finish the next day. Improve your resume gradually.