To understand the principle of intelligent lighting control systems, we must first know what is an intelligent lighting control system. The intelligent lighting control system uses advanced electromagnetic voltage regulation and electronic induction technology to monitor and track power supply in real time, automatically and smoothly adjust the voltage and current amplitude of the circuit, improve the extra power consumption caused by unbalanced loads in the lighting circuit, and increase Power factor, lighting control system that reduces the working temperature of lights and circuits, and achieves the purpose of optimizing power supply.

Intelligent mood light control system principle
1. Remote control lighting: remote control lighting is controlled by radio signals, which is simple and convenient. With the maturity of technology, digital wireless remote control technology has replaced traditional mechanical manual switches, gradually becoming a trend sought by modern people. Remote control switches generally use wireless digital identification technology. Each switch works independently and does not interfere with each other. Some people may worry that the direction pointed by the remote control is too difficult to determine, which may affect the receiver's sensing. In fact, this worry is unnecessary. Because the radio frequency remote control is non-directional, the signal can pass through the wall and there is no radiation, and the button can control the switch in any corner of the room. Some people think that replacing the switch seems too tedious, but the actual operation is very simple. Simply connect the switch to the light during installation, and it will not damage the overall decoration layout of the room.

2.Induction lighting: Human body induction is also called infrared induction. The human body has a constant body temperature, usually around 37 degrees, so it emits infrared rays of a specific wavelength. Human induction lighting is controlled by capturing infrared rays of this specific wavelength. The lights are off. Unlike the remote control switch, which controls the lighting of the lightat any time by pressing the keys, the biggest feature of the infrared human body sensor switch is delayed lighting. Because the human body cannot always stand in front of the switch to keep the light on. Once you leave the infrared sensing range, you cannot turn off the light immediately. So how do you turn off the light after turning on the light? This requires delayed lighting to control the lighting time. During the delay time period, if someone moves within the effective sensing range, the switch will be continuously turned on. After the person leaves, the load will be automatically turned off after a delay, which realizes the intelligent control function of "lights coming from people and lights going out".

3.Touch lighting: Touch devices usually have built-in touch-sensing chips. The current mainstream technology of touch-sensing panels uses capacitive sensing technology, which changes the capacitance by touching a finger to control switches or lights.

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