I'm a total sprout and WOW Classic TBC Gold newbie and have seen a bunch of girls nicknamed Paw's Paws or something play instruments in an pub. I assumed they were npcs, although it's still difficult for me to recognize the difference between players and non-players. Guess I was wrong and the real players were in a band? Damn. I thought I heard a familiar song however, I didn't pay attention.

What do you think they should do? The ability to challenge people to cards at any point in the game(players I'm talking about). If they have that you can win mgp at the gold saucer it could be extremely enjoyable to play cards and place our own bets on games. I would like to walk down a dark lane and see card sharks looking for an opportunity to play a game.

My friends and FC friends often meet up for discord frequently. We go out together in the evenings, hang out in the major cities dance, catch bards look around houses in areas, or visit the venue hosting a party. There's plenty to do, see, and experience throughout the world and a significant portion of buy WOW TBC Gold it is made by players it's something I regret about the old-school WoW. It was no longer thrilling for me some time in the past, and I'll never forget getting dressed in SWP gear and having people on my badly developed server going 'WHO THAT gear is SO awesome', and being completely unaware!