Robert is going to have one busy morning today. He has to first book a cab to pick up his parents from an airport using a ride-hailing Taxi app. But before that, he needs to get his two-year-old German shepherd female dog an Anti-Rabies yearly shot and also book a maid to clean the mess up at his apartment. He also has to run to a grocery store afterward to buy almond milk and Muesli for his mum. What if I tell you that Robert can do it all at once using Powerful Gojek like App.?


Through this multi-service single login platform, he can also avail sanitization services to get the entire house corona-free before his parents arrive. Every entrepreneur has have got to invest in this app because not only its user interface is smooth-like-butter but it can host several on-demand services in abundance. All the services that are being provided through this multi-faceted single platform can be tracked in real-time which pacifies customer anxiety about when and how long the order will take to reach them.

I’ll give you more reasons to buy Ready-made Multiservices Gojek App Solution because this is one solid deal.

The App Owner earns a commission on every order, every service, and every booking availed through this Cubejekx2021 All-in-One-Services app. This commission earned is a certain percentage of the bill amount that the App Owner charges from the Services Providers. These commission rates differ from service to service. The App Owner might charge 25 percent commission from a Taxi Driver who drives a cab under the ‘Basic’ category and only 12 percent from a masseuse for rendering a Deep-Tissue massage. The real magic of this app is in this next feature that allows service providers to register for multiple on-demand services. For example, a Yoga Instructor can babysit a neighbor’s kid during her mid-noon idle time and also become the life of the after-beach party as a DJ. More the services rendered using the app, more is the commission that the entrepreneur will cash in.


One of the prime perks of using this app is that it allows your customers to avail themselves of on-demand services even when they own a smartphone. Yes, I’m not even bluffing here! Your customers can book Taxis, order food through your app’s website as well. And now what we will be talking about helps in bridging the digital gap between the haves and have-nots – the customer can directly call the dispatcher panel of the App and place the order via that phone call. And then there is the fourth medium through which Taxis can be booked and food can be self-ordered – Android-based Kiosks. These Kiosks are physically stationed at Hotels for the ease of hailing rides for tourists and at Restaurants to ensure the six-foot social distancing norm of the World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 safety guidelines.


Now here’s why you’ll fall in love with this Gojek Clone App!

This app has incorporated Covid-19 safety protocols issued by the WHO in its operations by restricting the number of passengers allowed to just two for Basic Taxi Rides, introducing the option of canceling the ride by either of the two, Rider or the Taxi Driver, when the other person is found not wearing a mask and among others. The Taxi Drivers have to upload their selfies before starting the ride to ensure that utmost safety is provided to the Rider. Also, even before the Rider can request a taxi ride, a pop-up window emerges with the Safety Checklist. This list entails pointers such as wearing a mask at all times, sanitizing your hands regularly, load and unload your luggage on your own and try to pay using the in-app wallet.


Gojek Clone App is the elixir of infinite success that every entrepreneur should drink. And if you decide to buy from us then we will provide you with a lifetime-Licensed Source Code for one domain. On-Demand Multi-services App Development Company has carved a reputation for itself for strictly adhering to Non-Disclosure Agreement Policies and we swear by it.