In the fast-paced modern world, no one has sufficient time to visit mechanic shops for car services. Moreover, it is hard to find service providers (mechanics) in rural areas or when a car breaks down on a highway. This is the case where an on-demand car repair app is helpful. 

Uber for Mechanic Service is one such on-demand mechanics app with user-friendly features, connecting the people who need services with service providers. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur willing to launch a similar app? Ensure to make the app’s functionality more seamless with the integration of features mentioned in this blog.   

Must-Have Features Of Uber For Mechanic Service 

  • Fare estimation For The Services Offered

The built-in fare estimation feature will enable car owners to know the estimated fare before placing an appointment. Ensure that the price is reasonable for the service they availed. 

If the users are not satisfied with the prices, there is a chance that they may tend to use your competitors’ apps. Transparency of prices for the service is one utmost reason for people preferring an Uber-like app for mechanics. 

  • In-app chat/call

The app should support in-app messaging as well as calling. This feature will be helpful for customers and service providers in resolving their queries. As some might feel uncomfortable making a phone call, they can make use of the in-app chat feature. Concerning their privacy, you can think about implementing call masking.

  • Secure payment options

Ease the process of payment transactions by giving multiple payment options, including e-wallets, net banking, debit cards, and credit cards. Let them choose their preferred modes. Ensure the payment transactions are safe and secure.   

  • Advanced search filters

This feature eases the searching process of the car owners when they browse for services they need or service providers/ mechanics based on the experience. It will facilitate the car owners to get exactly what they want.   

  • Real-time tracking of mechanics 

This is the indispensable feature of on-demand apps in which customers can make use of it to track the movement of the service providers. So, the customers will be sure about the service providers’ reach alongside an estimated time.  

Wrapping up,

Apart from these features, contemplate the inclusion of distinctive features during on-demand mechanics app development. This will make your Uber for Mechanic Service app unique and pave the way to stand out amongst the competitors.